There is something in family history research called Oral Tradition.  Maybe you have heard of it.  Wikipedia has a long explanation of what the term means.  For family history researchers, oral tradition usually refers to non-factual data told around the dinner table or during family gatherings.  Sometimes it may be just a tall tale about something Uncle Joe did one time when he was three sheets to the wind.  Or, it may be related to an actual incident.  Or, it may be something that likely may not be true at all.

When I was a kid,  I heard many, many oral tradition items during family get-togethers at my maternal grandmother’s farm southwest of Bonham, Texas.  My mother had six siblings and when they would have a family gathering along with their spouses, wild tales flew non-stop the whole time.

I’ll try to remember some.  Maybe you can supply me with some from your family.  In the meantime, here’s a couple of my personal ones to get things started.  The first is “WhiteChristmas” and the second is “RoysMexicanAdventure.”  Enjoy!

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Christmas Eve Family Gathering

On Christmas Eve my grand-nieces, Christy and Cathy, hosted a Kinslow family gathering at Cathy’s and Kevin’s beer store, Craft & Growler.  I know that sounds like a strange place to have a Christmas seasonal gathering, but Google the name of the place and you’ll get a better understanding.  Here is a  picture of those who were there except for Missy, who took the picture.  Maybe I’ll figure out how to tag the faces.


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Ray Family Of Fannin County Texas

This essay is about my maternal grandparents, Roy Hilary Ray and Virginia Delilah Franklin Ray.  They had a farm in Fannin County, Texas.  It tells about Roy and Delilah, their seven children and their many grandchildren.  To read the essay  click here.  Later, I will add their family history charts.

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My Kinslow Immigrant Ancestors

During the time I was growing up I always thought my forbears came from England.   Imagine my surprise when as, as a result of my family history research, I learned that my father’s side of the family was German while the maternal side was, in fact, English.  I have done an essay on my Kinslow immigrant ancestors.  Click here to go to it.

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Link Update

I have a link in my first post that was supposed to show you my immigrant American ancestors.  However, I checked it recently and found that the link was broken and no one had notified me.  Well, I have fixed it and while I was at it I updated it.  You can click here to go to the link instead of having to go back to the original post.  The ancestor listing has become more important since one of my sons put up a Kinslow Family page on Facebook.  A lot of Kinslows have responded to the Facebook page and not too many of them are related to me.  But it’s fun to learn where they all come from and where they are living now.

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Dr. Kinslow Pic

Kin-001This is the last picture I have of Dr. William Haiden Kinslow, my grandfather.  I don’t know where or when the picture was taken but I’m pretty sure it was after the family moved to Texas in about 1890.  My guess is that it dates to about 1910-12.  Click on the picture and you will get an enlarged view.  I never knew my grandfather.  He died almost ten years before I was born.  I received my middle name from him although it is spelled differently.  Several other of his descendants are named Hayden.  One of my sons  has Hayden for a middle name and he named his son Hayden.  I don’t know the origin of the “Haiden” spelling.  It is on his medical diploma.  Sam Kinslow in Waco has Dr. Kinslow’s diploma from the University of Louisville Kentucky Medical School and showed me the spelling.  I made a quick look in old records for use of Haiden as a family name but was not successful.  As I said, this is the last picture I have of Dr. Kinslow.  I have none of his wife Fannie Pare Kinslow.  I am sure some of you Kinslow cousins out there have a picture or two you would like to share.  Email it to me and I’ll post it or them here.

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Relationship Chart Problem?

It seems that I did not make it entirely clear how to access Dr. Kinslow’s relationship charts.  Here is how it works.  For instance, on the blog posting describing his ancestor chart, click on the link that says it will  take you to that chart.  You will be taken to another page but instead of seeing the chart, you will see this link in the middle of the page    “drwhkances020513”     .   Click on that link and Dr. Kinslow’s ancestry chart should open up.  It will be a PDF file so you must have Adobe Reader on your computer.  Adobe Reader will open a PDF file.  Most computers sold in the last few years come with Adobe Reader on them.  It is a freebie program.  Similarly, on the posting entitled “Dr Kinslow’s Descendants,” click on the link to the chart and a page will open with another link  “drwhkdesce020513”   in the middle of the page.  Click it and another PDF file will open showing his descendants.   If you are related to Dr. Kinslow, your name should be somewhere in Dr. Kinslow’s descendants chart.  The info probably will be out of date in which case you should send me the updated info.  You can do that either via email or by clicking on the “Add a Comment” link below the posting here and leaving your comment in the comment box.

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